Entrance ticket in Hoi An ancient town
Entrance ticket in Hoi An ancient town
Price: 120.000vnd/pax

With your entrance ticket, you can visit:

     *All streets in the ancient town, artistic activities, folk games, night market.

     * 5 of the 22 sightseeing sites:

     * Japanese Covered Bridge, Cam Pho Communal House, Minh Hương Communal, House of Tụy Tien Duong, Quan Cong Temple.

     * Museums: History and Culture, Trade Ceramics, Sa Huỳnh Culture, Folk Culture.

     * Ancient houses: Quân Thắng, Đức An, Phùng Hưng, Trần Family's Chapel, Tấn Ký, Nguyễn Tường Family's Chapel.

     * Assembly Halls: Triều Châu, Quảng Đông, Phúc Kiến.

     * Handicraft workshop and traditional arts performance (at 10h15 and 15h15 daily), an embroidery exhibition of XQ Hội An.

     * Ancient tombs of Japanese traders: Mr Gu Sokukun, Mr Tani Yajirobei, Mr Banjiro.


     - Every ticket is valid on 24 hours;

     - Free guide fee for a group of over eight tourists, an experienced tour guide is available at any ticket kiosks;

     - Ticket is valuable for your trip in Hoi An.

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