Quan Cong Pagoda
Quan Cong Pagoda
Quan Cong Pagoda (address - 24 Tran Phu street) was built in the mid 17th century by Minh Huong people settled in Hoi An and Vietnamese,Ong pagoda was restored six times in years of 1753, 1783, 1827, 1864, 1904, 1906.

Ong pagoda possesses a magnificent and impressing architecture. The pagoda to worship genius general Quan Cong (Guan Gong), famous historical figures and highly respected. He is also a model of prestige, strong, loyal, and sincerity.

Architecture of Quan Cong pagoda consists of four buildings, a vestibule, two blocks of houses in the east and west, a large main hall. All buildings are decorated elaborately with dragon and carp motifs. The carp is a symbol of patience in Chinese mythology and is popular in Hoi An.

Inside the main hall, Quan Cong statue made of paper pulp on a wooden frame, partially gilded, and is on the central altar. On the left of Quan Cong is a statue of Chau Thuong, one of his guardians. On the right is Quan Binh statue. And two life-sized horse statues ridden by Quan Cong. These statues were artifacts delicate and vivid

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