Tan Ky old house (address - 101 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street) was built over 200 years ago, furniture and antiques are transmitted through generations, and they are preserved carefully.

The architectural style is piped shape - a typical style of Hoi An ancient houses. Its interior is divided into many apartments and each one has its own function. The front of the house is used for stores and the back of the house near the river was the place for import and export goods. The interior decoration item was made of unique wood skillfully carved with symbols of dragon, fruits, eight weapons, silk fillets showing well-off of its owners.

Tan Ky old house , Hoi An has a unique combination of three types of architecture. The beams of the roof are curve and they display some Chinese information in an elaborate way. On the other hand the peak roof bears Japanese characteristics in it and the Vietnamese crosshatch stands as a support to the roof of the old house. The walls of the house are also decorated with unique mosaic arts.

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