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Trieu Chau assembly hall
Trieu Chau assembly hall (address - 157 Nguyen Duy Hieu Street) commonly known as Ong Bon pagoda was built in 1845 by Chinese Zhao Zhao overseas coming from Trieu Chau (China) in order to serve the community and religious activities of the Zhao Zhao people in Hoi An.It is dedicated to the worshipping of the God of Wind and Big Waves

The house’s owners hope this God will always bring luck to them and help them travel smoothly on the sea. Formerly, people often went to the house at night to pray as they thought that was the way for all their wishes to come true.

Trieu Chau assembly hall is a sophisticated architecture, with wooden frames are exquisitely carved; motifs are decorated according to folk legends; the works are embossed with beautiful crockery; the facade is also array of large stone and it is carved with decorative schemes such as: carp turns into the dragon, sacred animals... reflecting the ingenious talent of the ancient artists.

Every year, on the occasion of Tet Nguyen Tieu (full moon of the first lunar month), Trieu Chau assembly hall is celebrating bless and ancestor worship. Visit this place, you also learn more about the Chaozhou trader community in Hoi An ancient trading port.

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Quang Dong assembly hall 30/06/2015

Quang Dong assembly hall (address - 176 Tran Phu Street) also known as Quang Trieu assembly hall was built in 1885, initially to worship Mazu and Confucius, after 1911 moved to worship Guan Gong and ancestors. This is also a meeting place of the Guangdong people living in Hoi An.

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Phuc Kien assembly hall (address - 46 Tran Phu Street) also known Phuoc Kien assembly hall is the typical architecture in Hoi An ancient town, which was built in 1697 to worship Mazu and the gods of water, asset, children. This is also a meeting place of the Fujian living in Hoi An.