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Quan Am pagoda
Quan Am pagoda (address 7 Nguyen Hue)

Being the only remaining Buddha-worshipped pogoda in Hoi An ancient town., Quan Am pogoda possesses a nice scenery and interresting architecture. Special wooden scultures carved by skilful craftman of Kim Bong carpentry village are intact preserved here. Quan The Am Bo Tat and other bodhisattvas are worshipped here. On the fifteen day of the lunar month, people come here participating actively in religious activities.

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Quan Cong Pagoda 09/07/2015

Quan Cong Pagoda (address - 24 Tran Phu street) was built in the mid 17th century by Minh Huong people settled in Hoi An and Vietnamese,Ong pagoda was restored six times in years of 1753, 1783, 1827, 1864, 1904, 1906.