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Tran family chapel
Tran family chapel (address - 21 Le Loi Street) was built about 200 years ago. This is the original chapel of the ancient Vietnamese families, with intact ancient architectural form.

Like other family chapels in Hoi An, the Tran house is situated in the middle of a 1.500 sq m garden, with a gate and high surrounding walls. Ornamental plants, flowers, fruit trees and several century-old plants are grown in the front. The architecture of the house bears the Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese styles and it has remains almost the same as two centuries ago. The house is made of precious wood and its roof is covered with pan-tiles. It comprises of three compartments and two lean-tos, and the wooden columns and beams are decorated with refined carvings.

Tran family chapel divided into two spaces: main space is the place of worship, located central location, furnished elegant, high and airy above; extra space is the accommodation of the patriarch and people in the family. All built harmony and comply with strict feng shui.

Every year, on a regular day, everyone in the family will gather in Tran family chapel, together to worship and expression gratitude with ancestors. This is also the opportunity to strengthen relationships between family members more engaged, and remind future generations do not forget the roots.

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