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15 experience should try when to Hoi An
If one day you visit the “world cultural heritage” Hoi An and struggling not know what to do. Refer to the following tips to feel more deeply about life and the people here.

1. Walk Town at night

A simple experience, you just step out into the street and see the old houses, the colorful street lantern at night. You’ll imagine you touch on conviviality of light, a picture of serenity combines ancient architecture with rustic image and excitement of modern life. Perhaps the most beautiful is still the segment along the Huai River, where the sparkling streaks on the surface. Hoi An even more beautiful when no tourists and shops, then actually the old town back to the old silhouette, the most taciturn.

2. Drop the flower lights



Still in the evening, besides just watching, you can soak up the decorations for the party light on the waterfront. A pleasant experience that many tourists like to do is drop flower on the Hoai River. Your hands will be the release of small twinkling lights down river, hoping the lights would bring luck to the family and loved ones. Besides lantern, the lantern is becoming characteristic of tourism Hoi An.

3. Enjoy the Cao Lau



Cao Lau is a specialty dish that anyone arriving in Hoi An is worth trying. The origin of the name of this dish is very interesting, ancient Hoi An when the trader to trade they must eat it in on the “top floor” to taste, just look up every word that names formed Cao Lau . A bowl Cao Lau feels palatable enough Shot Shot of pasta, enough sour, spicy, tart, sweet and raw vegetables, fish aroma, aromatic powder, soy sauce, gravy … and pieces of crispy greaves mouth. You can find a restaurant to eat at Mrs. Little is in the market at the beginning of Tran Phu, the first shop lane 69 Phan Chu Trinh, or shop at the intersection of Tran Phu Sing communicate with Hoang Dieu or restaurants for foreign tourists along the street Bach.

4. Eat bread “the most delicious in the world”


Not long ago, David Farley – BBC reporter who writes about tourism and gastronomy commented “Vietnam bread in the world wonders” in “Vietnam Is bread is the most delicious sandwiches World? “after eating a total of 15 loaves of bread at many different stores across Vietnam. One of them had bread Hoi An. Indeed, in Hoi An there are bakery popular with foreign tourists, which is bread Phuong (Phan Chu Trinh), bread Madam Khanh (Tran Cao Van) and her Protestant bread (Cua Dai). Bread slices Hoi An with pork, pate, cucumber, herbs and meat sauces featured incredibly delicious and attractive.

5. Take a boat on the Huai River Dinner


Sail into the Old City, at an angle and drop flower very night was the favorite couple, especially those to Hoi An to shoot weddings. But if you have no pair, you could still go with family and friends.

A very romantic service next to “drop flower”, if already bored you can walk floating on the sparkling waters of the river colorful Huai.

6. Coffee in Hoi An



Hoi An has two cafes very large toad drink in the morning, that she Thao shop located just off the turning from Bach Dang Nhat, guests here are mostly young people. Across the bridge is customary for middle-aged people. Sitting at the bar are both visible Hoai river bank scene and one block trawling An Hoi. Fresh morning before banning motor vehicles, drinking a cup of coffee after eating bread Phuong is a gentle way to start your day in Old City. Also in Hoi An also has a special tea room restaurant, waiters are Deaf. Reaching Out shop at 131 Tran Phu. Reaching Out to you will be enjoy the gentle, quiet – great for sipping coffee and reading a pocket book.

7. May fashionistas taken immediately


Hoi An has a lot to attract foreign and domestic tourism, one of which is the tailoring clothing stores, clothing, footwear, handbags … taken on the day. Forbes magazine had honored one of the shop, “garments hot” in Hoi An by unique services, professional services. Only after about 4 hours, you can get the item that I just put the appliance. Fashion style in Hoi An extremely unique, trendy and price ranges from 15-100 dollars.

8. Swim

Hoi An famous beaches in the world by white sand, sea and sun. Cua Dai beach with white sand stretches, coconut trees and crystal-clear sea, but unfortunately the water was a tattered new Cua Dai made in mid-May 10/2014 shore erosion is during the recovery. However, Hoi An Bang is also one of the top 50 most beautiful beaches on the planet. Bang beach suitable for those in search of free space, quiet. You can release your soul at a beach parasol umbrella, table and chairs, only the waves, clear water, basking under the brilliant sunshine, read a book, enjoy a glass of wine, or drink a few cold … a unique experience in Union City.

9. Navigate to the old house


Inside the living room Tan Ky ancient house.

The ancient house is priceless heritage preserve Hoi An after many wars, urbanization and the destruction of nature. Every rainy season floods Hoi An, with surges in history both floors a house immersed in water. But through many events, the old house is completely original as the early, both in architecture and the soul. The most widely known is the Tan Ky ancient house, the first house to be recognized as national relics in Hoi An and this is also where each host many local and international leaders. Besides Tan Ky, and Phung Hung old house, Quan Thang … or the Inns of Fujian, Guangdong … imbued with Chinese architecture, Chinese merchants were built to remember their homeland.

10. Snorkeling coral in Cham


Cham Island is 15 km from the ancient town, is one of the places not to miss when to Hoi An. Travel services in Cham, though undeveloped, but for that reason that Cham retain their wild character. To Cham you can experience diving services coral, campfire, sleeping homestay homestay and enjoy fresh seafood – delicious – complement – cheap.

11. Play folk



A very happy experience in Hoi An that is participating in traditional games. Dinner once a stroll and take a break, you can stop in at the beginning of Nguyen Thai Hoc street or park Kazik to soak up the atmosphere fun, excitement in the game all lodges and dams roundabout …

12. Take a commemorative photo in Hoi An

BuzzFeed Travel Website Hoi An each rank at No. 3 in the list of places photographed selfie (take a selfie) world best. So to Hoi An, do not forget to capture selfie with famous landmarks such as the Japanese bridge, Hoi Bridge, the legendary walls in Hoang Van Thu, alley lane wells, Hoai river bank …

13. Take the ferry across Jin Kim

Again you can experience the feeling of floating on the water, with only 2,000 dong a turn, you’ll be sitting on a local boat to go through Cam Kim, where the village used to be very famous carpentry in Hoi An. But the family of not much, but sitting on a boat to go to Cam Kim, watching from afar deals, breathing the cool breeze on the Thu Bon river alone is a very personal experience then.

14. Buy a lantern as souvenirs



Souvenir common and most characteristic in Hoi An is perhaps the lanterns. Pick a relative to donate or bring back hanging in the house, as well as a fun thing to remember about the deals.

15. Go to Hoi An on the full moon

If to Hoi An on the day of the full moon festival (14th of the lunar calendar), you really are a lucky man. On this day, Hoi An drape turn out the lights and lanterns glowing, bright drop flower river. It really is a great space for those who love the quiet beauty of the ancient town of Hoi An. In addition to the full moon day, you can get to Hoi An on special days such as holidays, Thien Hau Vu Lan ceremony, Moon, Tet Nguyen Tieu … to be immersed in the subculture extremely unique in the land This. Hoi An ancient town is small, but will need a lot of time to understand.



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