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Cơm tấm Ba Nghiền restaurant in Hoi An
To me each time come to Hoi An is an exciting experience. This time, my friend invited me to eat Saigon broken rice, i really felt strange, so would try to know how is the taste of Saigon in Hoi An . We arrived at Cơm tấm Ba Nghien restaurant at 47 Nguyen Cong Tru Street, Tan An Ward, this place is not far from the old town center, just a few minutes by bicycle. My first impression was polite service, clean seats, safe foods ... and after enjoying meal, i fall in love with this dish and decided to write somethings about it.

My friend said that there are many Broken rice restaurants in Hoi An, which Ba Nghien broken rice is the most famous restaurant .

Some people make a choice the broken rice for breakfast to start a new day full of energy, some make a choice for lunch, to meet the needs of all types of guests, restaurant open from early morning until 2pm.

It is known that restaurant owners is Ms Tran Thi Le Thanh who is native of Hoi An accient town, once in Saigon she was perceived broken rice’s flavor, when she has came back Hoi An, she decided to open restaurant with “Cơm tấm Ba Nghiền”name, her desire is all people will love it after eating. Because of that wish she learned herself how to cook, over 10 years she has worked hardly, she was successful, from a street vendor she built the spacious restaurant.To have broken rice quality , southern flavor, Ms.Thanh has to import rice from Saigon.

Broken rice is often combined with a lot of things, but most are  pork chop, bì chả trứng, op la and  all kinds of soup. A plate of rice may include pork chop, bì chả trứng, op la or not fully included in the dishes with eye-catching décor. Pork chop, the meat was marinated in a mixture of soy sauce and sugar, then grilled over hot coals until done but not overcooked.The pork chop at Ba Ghien broken rice  was salty and sweet, and had a wonderful smoky flavor to it. Bi is the Vietnamese word for pork skin, which is cooked and shredded. It doesn’t actually have that much taste, but is more of a texture thing, slightly chewy but not overly so.It actually almost tasted like mung bean glass noodles, only a little more spongy and chewy.Cha trung hap includes a mixture of minced pork, mung bean noodles, wood ear mushrooms, and then a few mild seasonings like salt and pepper and fish sauce.The ingredients for this Vietnamese meat loaf are mixed together, steamed, and finally topped with a layer of egg yolk for frosting. op la is a fried sunny side up egg.The egg was likely deep fried, so it was crispy surrounding the edges, and yet it was so soft and delicious and gooey on the inside.

Broken rice is the special food of the South, especially in Saigon, now broken rice is bought everywhere and abroad, however, Ba Nghien broken rice in  Hoi An has made its own taste, it has contributed to enrich the culinary treasures of Hoi An.

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Restautant in Hoi An 10/07/2015

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