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Cham Island
Tour of discovering Cham Island - the fascinating one

Having a journey to Cham Island by tourist boats, visitors will discover wild and romantic nature at Lao Islet, Dai Islet, Chong Islet, Yen Islet etc and will be mixed with rural lifestyle in warm greeting of fishermen, see the fascinating beauty of legendary places such as Huong plain, Chong plain, Ba cave, Au Thuyen, and Hai Tang pagoda and enjoy tasty seafood of Cham Island such as shrimp, fish, cuttle-fish and natural vegetables.

In addition, visitors can enjoy the delightful sensation of summer, play in the waves, sunbathe on silky sands, conquer imposing mountains, participate in sport activities: Jeskiing (water motor), parachuting, water-skiing, kayak or diving into the cave under the ocean and see hundreds of tropical fishes and corals reefs. Moreover, visitors can go Yen Island, go fishing and enjoy camp-fire activities with many funny traditional games..

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