The waterway cruise exploration
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You will have original experiences exploring the very true waterway Vietnamese life.

Boarding for a 60 minutes cruise from Hoi An to the fishing village of Tra Nhieu where you have chance to see the real daily life of local  fishermen and try your hand with small fishing trip on the river to learn their old-aged traditional fishing techniques.

After , Spending time to relax when you paddle a small unique Vietnamese bamboo basket boat along the stunning water coconut jungle while still exploring full scenery and wonderful pictures of authentic Tra Nhieu village.

You will board for another cruise to Duy Hai fish sauce village, where you will discover the secret of making original Vietnamese condiment Nuoc mam.

Passing An Luong local market, we offer you a chance to deeply understand the real Vietnamese life.

Have your camera ready for photos! The wonderful panoramic sunset view and lively fishermen activities on the charming river will surely bring you a unique relaxing moment and many greats chance for photos.


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