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Kim Bong Carpentry Village
Location: Cam Kim Commune, Hoi An city

The carpentry from this village is believed to have originated from North Vietnam, and has long been famous for its art of wood carving and sculpture. Through contact and exchange with artisans of the same trade from Chiem Thanh, China, Japan, and some other influences, combined with their own skills, these Kim Bong carpenters have created pieces of work which have great meaning in philosophy and fine arts. Products made here have been marketed for both domestic and overseas markets.


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The fishing Village Thanh Nam 27/07/2015

Located 3 km from the old town Hoi An, Thanh Nam Fishing Village (also called Con Chai) is formed by the beautiful Thu Bon River. The fishermen have been coming here for a long time to cast their nets and catch shrimp, crabs and fish. The fishing village is still active today. With the advent of modern fishing vessels, there are fishing areas far into the East Sea.

Tra Que vegetable Village 12/06/2015

Tra Que vegetable Village

Thanh Ha Pottery Village 11/06/2015

Location: Cam Ha Commune, Hoi An city